Gao Hang

Hang is an artist who explores the concept of image “definition” in digital graphics, particularly those produced in the last two decades. Drawing on the postmodernist neo-pop movement, he employs subject matter and color as a conceptual and structural armature. Using fluorescent hues that he believes reflect his generation’s tones, Hang deliberately exposes the rawness, oddity, and awkwardness of digital graphics as 21st-century “found objects” that are bathed in modern technology’s greatness. For Hang, his artistic process is linked to his habits and obsessions, and he listens to stand-up comedy while creating his work. He enjoys comedy that challenges general beliefs and political correctness, negotiating between observation, language, and laughter in a given performance. Hang sees his paintings as similar to stand-up comedy, offering brutal honesty, absurdity, and humor as powerful qualities in any type of conversation, even if they cannot solve real problems.