Alex Israel

Alex Israel is an artist who uses pop culture as a means of expression and communication. With his hometown of Los Angeles as a central influence, he delves into the world of Hollywood film production, using its backdrops, sets, and props to create his work. But he goes beyond being just an artist – he also assumes multiple roles like filmmaker, talk-show host, designer, and hologram. Israel’s art and cultural contributions embrace the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of contemporary culture, while also playing with the traditional boundaries between art and entertainment. By engaging with pop culture as a visual language, he creates a unique and captivating perspective on the world around us.

Inter-Faith Dialogue

At the heart of LIAN Foundation’s mission lies the belief in the transformative power of peaceful dialogue for community building. We are committed to promoting social cohesion and religious inclusion by embracing cultural diversity and fostering cooperation.

The foundation provides the necessary resources to establish a framework for combating intolerance, stigmatization, discrimination, incitement to hatred, and violence against individuals based on religion, culture, or belief.

Our goal is to create an environment where acceptance, understanding, and mutual respect flourish, nurturing a society where individuals freely express their unique identities while embracing the richness of others’ backgrounds.

Our initiatives are driven by the vision of building a better tomorrow, where unity and cooperation become the cornerstones of a more compassionate and equitable global community.