Julius Baer X Lian Foundation

Oct 07, 2022

Lian Foundation is thrilled to announce its participation in a panel discussion with Julius Baer during Art Dubai 2023. The discussion, which is scheduled for March 3, will focus on the topic of corporate collecting: yesterday, today, tomorrow. The panel discussion will be hosted by Helena Lati, and will feature speakers Fiorenzo Manganiello, Founder of Lian Foundation, and Barbara Staubli, Curator of the Julius Baer Art Collection.

The topic of corporate collecting is of great importance, particularly in the context of contemporary and digital art. In recent years, there has been a growing trend among corporations to collect and support art, as a means of fostering creativity, innovation, and social responsibility. The discussion will explore the role of corporate collecting in the art world, and the impact that it has on the broader cultural landscape.

Lian Foundation is pleased to be participating in this panel discussion with Julius Baer, a global leader in wealth management. Julius Baer’s art collection is one of the most important and extensive in the corporate world, and it has long been recognized as a model for others to follow. The objectives of the Julius Baer Art Collection align closely with those of Lian Foundation, which is committed to promoting creativity, innovation, and cultural exchange through the arts.